André Naffis-Sahely is a poet, critic and translator. He was born in Venice to Italian and Iranian parents, and grew up in Abu Dhabi. He has a BA in History and Politics and an M.Litt in Creative Writing from the University of St Andrews. He has written on literature, film and the visual arts for The Times Literary Supplement, The Independent, The Economist, PN Review and is the UK contributor for Words Without Borders. He also translates from the French and the Italian; forthcoming titles include The Rule of Barbarism (Pirogue Poets Series) and The Bottom of the Jar (Archipelago Books) by Abdellatif Laâbi and The Barbary Figs and The Funerals by Rachid Boudjedra (Arabia Books). His poetry has appeared in Poetry London, PN Review, The Warwick Review and The International Literary Quarterly. Naffis-Sahely's first collection of poetry is The Promised Land (Penguin, 2017)​. 


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