Sue Stern was born in London but has lived in Manchester since she was five. She has published poems and short fiction in Britain and America, has an MA in writing children’s fiction, (MMU). Deeply affected by her radical upbringing – grandparents Russian Jewish anarchists, parents, committed socialists, sometime fellow travellers – she explores themes of alienation in her work.

Rafi Brown and the Candy Floss Kid, a middle-grade novel, was published by Red Bank Books in 2013. The story of Mancunian, Rafi Brown, a dyslexic but brilliant cartoonist and his friend, Candy Floss, a child carer, it reflects on the joys and terrors of children forced to ‘bunk of school’, but ends happily!

Sue is currently working on How I Broke Mama’s Commandments, a novel for adults, based on the life of her grandmother who came from Russia in 1905, and who joined an anarchist group in London’s East End. Its first chapter was published in Migration Stories, 2010, Crocus Publishing. She is also researching a young adult novel, set in the south of France, in 1944.

Sue has been invited to contribute to When Saira Met Sarah, an anthology of prose and poems written by six Jewish and six Muslim women writers, to be published in 2014. Editors: Sherry Ashworth and Anjum Malik.

Published Work