Sue Stern (a published student)
May 2019
ISBN 97809574948-17

About the publication

'The Child Who Spoke with Her Eyes’ is a powerful, true story of how a disabled child transforms her family’s life.


When Sue and Sid Stern learn that their beautiful baby, Vanessa, has cerebral palsy and will be ‘profoundly mentally and physically handicapped, they are stunned and heartbroken. Determined to help her grow and develop like any child, Sue works intensively to teach her. But in 1974, with two little boys in tow, the Sterns are forced to make a devastating decision...


And yet Vanessa’s very existence sparks in Sue a newfound desire to explore her roots – which reveal amazing insights into their lives together.






A moving and finely written account of motherhood, the challenges of caring for a disabled child and the quest for identity.

CATH STAINCLIFFE, award winning novelist, radio playwright and creator of ITV's hit series Blue Murder

Beautifully written and deeply moving. This story touched my heart.

SOPHIE CLAIRE, author of Her Forget-Me-Not Ex